2022 Banquet

It looked like many friendships were built and memories were made within the local golf community this year. The 2022 season was highly competitive within all age divisions and many golfers made improvements from the beginning of the summer to the end. The banquet, hosted at The Meadows, let the DAJT honor those who played well throughout the entire season.

In the boys 16-17 division Charlie Becker took the overall win with 495 points. Nate Obbink was second with 470 points and Wil Sigwarth took third place overall with 435 points.

For the girls 16-17 division Ava Kalb finished in first place overall with 485 points. McKenna Stackis got second place with 335 points and Celia Turner finished in third place with 325 points.

In the boys 14-15 division Bock Mueller was the overall winner with 555 points. Jonah Oberfoell took second place with 385 points and Tyler Skritch finished in third with 335 points.

Natalie Fangmann won the overall girls 14-15 division with 555 points. Sarah Winter finished in second place overall with 490 points and Cece Ball took third place with 400 points.

For the boys 12-13 division Henry Thier had 510 points for first place overall. Reid Herrig finished in second place with 445 points and Bryce Carroll had 430 points for third.

In the girls 12-13 division Elin Mueller had 577 points to take first place overall. Addie Splinter took second place with 522 points and Josie Bierman finished in third place with 420 points.

Michael Hamilton won the overall boys 10-11 division with 562 points. Beau Reed took second place with 502 points. Andreas Skrocki had 400 points for third place.

For the girls 10-11 division Ella Schulte won with 470 overall points. Leighton Rauen finished in second place with 380 points and Makenna Ball took third place overall with 370 points.

Special Thank You to all our sponsors throughout this season, all the golf courses and pros for allowing the tour to play, and to all the parents, grandparents, and supporters for coming out to each event it is all greatly appreciated! Thanks for making this season a great one and I hope to see you all next year!

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