2022 Ryder Cup

The final hurrah for the 2022 season, the DAJT Ryder Cup! The Ryder Cup was hosted at Thunder Hills and the top four players from each age division are divided into two teams and play 18 holes. The first nine holes is a partner best ball format and the back nine is a singles match-play format.

In the first match Charlie Becker and Jackson Webber split the front nine against Nate Obbink and Wil Sigwarth. On the back nine Nate Obbink beat Charlie Becker and Wil Sigwarth beat Jackson Webber.

In the second match McKenna Stackis and Celia Turner defeated Ava Kalb and Emma Hogan on the front nine. On the back, McKenna Stackis beat Ava Kalb and Celia Turner won against Emma Hogan.

In the third match on the front nine, Bock Mueller and Ben Thill split with Jonah Oberfoell and Brayden Webber. On the back nine Bock Mueller defeated Jonah Oberfoell and Brayden Webber defeated Ben Thill.

Bryce Carroll and Cal Martineau won against Henry Thier and Cooper Smith on the front nine of the fourth match. On the back nine, Bryce Carroll beat Henry Thier and Cal Martineau beat Cooper Smith.

In the fifth match on the front nine, Michael Hamilton and Brooks Reed defeated Beau Reed and Kieran Breslin. On the back nine, Michael Hamilton won against Beau Reed and Brooks Reed defeated Kieran Breslin.

In the sixth and final match on the front nine, Addie Splinter and Lucy Davis won against Josie Bierman and Rylie Stackis. Josie Bierman defeated Addie Splinter and Lucy Davis beat Rylie Stackis on the back nine.

The overall team points, the Blue Team beat the Red Team 11 to 7.

Wil Sigwarth really enjoys the Ryder Cup because of its similarities to high school golf. “I like the team part of it, it’s all about being on a team and making sure you’re playing for something bigger than just yourself.”

Josie Bierman had a blast on the tour all summer. “I really enjoyed playing with my friends. I improved my golf game a lot and had fun while doing it!”

Thanks again to everyone who made this season possible! Make sure to check us out on Facebook for photos from the season and updates for next year!

Brooks Reed filling up at the lemonade and cookie stand
Brooks Reed filling up at the lemonade and cookie stand

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